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For further enrolment queries please contact the office email: rawhiti@rawhitiroa.school.nz

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Enrolment Scheme

Rawhitiroa School – Enrolment Scheme – Out of Zone Enrolments


To avoid overcrowding, or the likelihood of overcrowding, the Rawhitiroa School Board has implemented an enrolment scheme that has been developed by the Secretary for Education.

The scheme becomes effective on 1 January 2023.

The enrolment scheme, which includes a precise description and map of the home zone, may be viewed at the school office and on the school website.

Under this scheme, students will be entitled to enrol if they live within the home zone.

The enrolment of out of zone students is governed by the provisions of the Education and Training Act 2020.


The school board will determine the number of space available based on current roll numbers and predictions.


The school board will advertise in the Stratford Press and on our school website the number of places available prior to the closing date of each enrolment round. For the 2023 year the school board has decided their will be two enrolment periods. For enrolments for term 1-2 the enrolment period will open 19th October 2022 and close at 3pm 19th November 2022. For terms 3-4 the enrolment period will open 1st May 2023 and close 1st June 2023.


In accordance with Ministry of Education regulations, the order of priority will be:

1. Not applicable as the school does not run a special programme

2. Siblings of current students

3. Siblings of former students

4. Children of former students

5. Children of board members or board employees

6. All other children


If a ballot is required it will be held within 3 days of the deadline for application. Parents will be informed of the outcome of the ballot within 3 working days of the ballot being held.

Please contact the office, or the Principal if you require further information.


Please note, the completion of an ‘Out of Zone Enrolment Application’ does not guarantee your child’s place at Rawhitiroa School.




Enrolment Scheme Description.pdf


All stationery needs can be purchased at school and will be added to your school account. 

Stationery List 2022


Please find below our school uniform prices. 

All students are asked to wear tidy black pants, shorts or skirts (no denim) with the school polo or t-shirt and polar fleece.

Uniform can be purchased at school and charged to your account.  Hats are ordered once enrolment is confirmed and added to your school account.  

Sports t-shirts are ordered on request.  Please see Stella in the office for any uniform needs.

Polo Shirt $25.00

Polar Fleece $35.00

T-Shirt $16.00

School Hat - Compulsory

Worn during Term 1 & 4)

Small adjustable $14.00

Large $14.00

**Please note hats are printed with the student's name and are ordered upon confirmation of enrolment **

Sports tee (optional)

Size 6 - 16

Size S -2XL