Board of Trustees

Board Meetings are every 4th Wednesday of the Month from 7pm, all are welcome to attend.


  • Brent Watkins (Chair/Parent Rep)

  • Jan Westfield (Principal)

  • Carl Triggs (Deputy Chair/Parent Rep)

  • Stacey Milham (Secretary/Parent Rep)

  • Adrianne Ngatai (Finance/Parent Rep)

  • Jackie Francis (Staff Rep)

School Board Update - by-election 2021

Recently we have had 3 board of trustees members resign for different reasons. Tom Fillipo, Isaac Hayward, and Jody Milham. I want to thank these 3 men for their time, effort and support over the past years, it has been a pleasure working alongside them and I wish them all the best for the future.

Two of these trustees no longer have children at the school and one’s work commitments have changed which ties them up more often. We have also had a ministry decision to extend the election for new boards until September next year.

As a board we have decided to have a by-election with the hope that we can get 3 new board members to be elected by the parents, to fill the places of those who have resigned. Being on the board does at times require a lot of time and energy, and having 3 resign at once would put too much added work onto the trustees remaining. Having 3 new people also would give the new members a chance to train and upskill should they wish to stand for the general election next September, as there is a lot to learn and get your head around.

We have decided that Stella (our office admin) will be the returning officer as she is independent and has the knowledge to carry out the process. Details of the by-election will follow.

Any parents are very welcome to be nominated to stand for the School Board. If you are interested, I would encourage you to give me a call if you have any questions regarding the board, and what it entails etc My number is 0279640655


Brent Watkins